Hey it’s Brad & Oliver here to welcome you to Speaq.

You’ll LOVE how easy this technology makes video creation… just from a simple conversation or by pasting a URL into the software.

Creating your own videos OR using your full agency rights and sharing your special Speaq link with clients so THEY create their own videos works great!

Beta testers have been using it to drive traffic, leads & sales from their own videos AND to make recurring income using their commercial license to earn from clients.

So it didn’t really surprise us when many of these early testers asked for a way to SCALE their profits…

With the ability to create MORE videos and sell their services to MORE clients.

We listened.

Get UNLIMITED Video Creation, UNLIMITED Renders, UNLIMITED Sharing Of Your Custom Link With Clients... And A STACK Of Premium Features To Take Your Video Income To The Next Level

You already know that video works better than any other type of content online for driving traffic, leads & sales.

AND as one of the top-paying services you can offer clients.

With video, more is ALWAYS better.

The more videos you have pointing to your offers… the faster AND bigger your results.

The more videos you sell to clients… the HIGHER your monthly recurring income becomes.

…not to mention how much you can earn by simply sharing ONE link.

…and remember, people who click your link have THEIR OWN conversation with Speaq. He creates and delivers THEIR video based on THEIR answers and he even RECEIVES YOUR PAYMENT for you.

Here’s your chance to get more of both…

Introducing: Speaq PRO

Skyrocket Your Video Sales Faster Than Ever With UNLIMITED Videos, UNLIMITED Link Shares, UNLIMITED Clients, FASTER Rendering And PROVEN Traffic Features!

Speaq PRO unlocks the FULL potential of video marketing like never before

Get MORE With Speaq PRO

Unlock ‘Unlimited’ on Everything

UNLIMITED Video Creation & Renders

Create as MANY videos as you like for your personal campaigns AND for clients.

Dominate any niche, maximize traffic & conversions, and leave your competition in the dust.

What UNLIMITED Video Creation Means
  • Never see the ‘Sorry, you’ve reached your monthly limit’ message for you OR anyone else creating their own video through your shareable Speaq link!
  • Have unique videos for EVERY product in your eCom stores, review sites & more...
  • Create unlimited videos for affiliate campaigns, new product launches and your social media pages.
  • Create unlimited video assets to drive 100% free traffic to ANY offer in ANY niche.

UNLIMITED Sharing Of Your Unique Speaq Bot Link

Yes, Speaq Pro also lets you share your link with AS MANY PEOPLE as you want. Zero limits!

Maximize your income from clients if you picked up the commercial rights by sharing your link with AS MANY people in AS MANY places as you want.

Share your link inside of FB messenger, FB groups, pages, YouTube, emails and more!

Think about that for a second!

You’re expanding this brand new automated video creation technology to be used an UNLIMITED number of times across ANY traffic platform in the world.

…and remember, people who click your link have THEIR OWN conversation with Speaq, he creates and delivers THEIR video based on THEIR answers and he even RECEIVES PAYMENTS for you.

You don’t lift a finger after sharing your link. That’s unlimited automation that’s never been possible before today.

The sky really is the limit with Speaq Pro’s unlimited videos and link sharing.

What UNLIMITED Bot Link Sharing Means
  • Share your unique Speaq link ANYWHERE (no limits).
  • When anyone clicks your link, they’ll be able to have their OWN conversation with Speaq (he’ll create a video based on their answers, deliver it AND receive their payment for you from inside the same conversation).
  • Explode your traffic & prospecting by sharing your link inside FB Messenger, social media groups & pages, YouTube videos, your social profiles, emails… EVEN on business cards!
  • Remember - clients use your link to MAKE THEIR OWN videos and you get paid every time… so the more clients you have, the more you make.
  • Unlimited sharing of your link PLUS unlimited video creation = HUGE!!!


PRO lets you sell as many videos to as many clients as you want with ZERO limits.

Grow your client base and video income as HIGH as you want with this exclusive feature.

What Unlimited Video Sales Mean
  • There are no caps on how many videos you can sell to clients… sell more to make more, it’s that simple!
  • Clients will be BEGGING you for more videos once they see they how EASY it is for them to create videos without any technical skills needed (thanks to Speaq’s smart guidance)!

Get FASTER Results With Speaq PRO

Front-Of-Line (VIP) Video Rendering

It’s not just about how MANY videos you can make…

It’s also about how FAST you can have those videos live and generating sales.

We thought, well, since you’re upgrading to unlimited on everything – it only makes sense that we give you FRONT-OF-THE-LINE video rendering.

This means that your videos for you and your clients skip the rendering queue and become a top-priority for Speaq so your personal videos and your client’s videos are launched in minutes…

UNLIMITED Video Hosting

Get instant & easy access to ALL your Speaq videos from right inside your dashboard.

Save HOURS of time & frustration hunting through your hard drive to find your downloaded videos…

PRO stores all of them for you so you can access them anytime from inside the dashboard.

Speaq PRO Makes Growing Your Income Easy

How to Get Clients with Speaq Training

The more clients you can hand your Speaq link to, the more money you can make.

So Speaq PRO includes our custom training on exactly how to find MORE clients for your Speaq video campaigns.

AND how to sell them with the innovative Speaq technology.

Powerful Email Sales Templates

Use these professionally-written email sales templates to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Crafted by industry-leading copywriters that SPECIALIZE in the video marketing niche…

Just load these into your autoresponder and watch leads turn into ongoing clients.

What is even better is that you never have to manually speak to a client over the phone or face to face.

Simply add your Speaq link into your emails and he will do EVERYTHING for you. He’ll ask them how they want their video, he’ll create it for them, he’ll deliver it to them AND he’ll receive their payment from right inside of the conversation.

It’s insanely powerful – and now it’s unlimited!

Client Management Dashboard

Easily keep track of all your clients & projects with a dedicated back office area inside your dashboard.

No need for separate tools - this built-in solution helps you track each project for each customer.

Making it even EASIER for you to scale your business!

Speaq PRO: YOUR Shortcut To MAXIMIZING Video Sales, Customers & Unlocking ‘UNLIMITED’ on Everything

Unlimited AUTOMATED video creation & renders for personal campaigns AND your clients (or anyone who clicks on your shareable Speaq link)

Unlimited sharing of your commercial rights unique Speaq link (which when clicked by anyone will open their own conversation with Speaq and he’ll guide them to their OWN video, deliver it to them AND get you paid)!

Traffic Expansion Pack - share your commercial Speaq link ANYWHERE to as many prospects as you want - opening you up to more traffic and more sales. It’s as simple as copy and paste.

Dedicated Client Management Dashboard - easily keep track of all your clients & campaigns.

Unlimited Video Hosting - store ALL of your videos inside your dashboard for easy, on-demand access.

Prospecting & Sales Training to learn the strategies behind using Speaq to grow your client-income!

Professional Email Sales Templates to turn more prospects into repeat customers. Simply add your Speaq link into these emails and he will do EVERYTHING for you.

Front-Of-Line Video Rendering - no wait times means you and anyone using your special Speaq link can launch videos within MINUTES of creating them.

Make More. Make It Faster. Make It EASIER.

Speaq Pro unlocks the advanced technology of Speaq to deliver you the highest possible sales in the shortest possible time.

Now as you can imagine, the costs of offering Speaq Pro are VERY high for us. Upgraded servers & processors to handle unlimited video creation don’t exactly come cheap.

Normally for an ONGOING upgrade like this, you’d be charged a steep monthly fee.

But because you’ve taken action and picked up Speaq during our special launch period, we wanted to reward you for joining us!

But for the reasons above – a fair warning – this is the ONLY chance you have to get in at this one-time low price.

That’s very important, this is a one-time offer.

It’s an EXCLUSIVE invitation for new customers only…

And you’ll never hear about it again.

Videos not going away – it’s your time to take your role in the future of video marketing.

THIS is your one & only chance to go unlock Speaq PRO for a low one-time payment.

So click below to secure your special one-time payment upgrade and your features will be automatically added to your account and waiting for you when you log in.

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